Is Your Spirit Free?

People throw around the phrase, “she’s a free spirit” rather loosely. Though “free spirit” is generally a positive phrase, people mean many different things by it. Some mean having an air of independence, others mean having care-free attitude, and still others mean without restraint or accountability.

Freedom is something we all long for in our deepest hearts and souls but we all have very different ideas about how to attain it! Discovering the truth about the nature of freedom is a worthy endeavor with the potential to change our lives.

As I have experienced it, true freedom has its foundation in the Love of God. This very Love is a Protector like no other, a Defender so that we don’t have to be. This very Love casts out all fear with the strength of 10,000 armies. Freedom always comes at a price. We are free because we’ve been fought for and won with a Love so powerful, everything in opposition flees in its presence.

The more we participate in this reality of God’s love, the more free our spirits will be.
Do you desire a free spirit? You may find the true nature of “independence” lies right in the word itself: “in dependence on the One who alone defines freedom.”

We all strive to put our best faces forward and that can be a beautiful thing! However, what is NOT so beautiful is women of infinite God-given value proving their worth to receive man-given approval. What if every woman knew their worth wasn’t an acquired condition to be validated but an inherent reality to be celebrated?! We would know freedom. And that sort of freedom changes the world, one freed spirit at a time.

For those of you who are looking, freedom makes it’s home within the walls of faith. Faith in the Love of God. Faith that we are who He says we are. Faith that He alone satisfies and gives us our infinite value. Faith to unchain ourselves from those “seen” realities that validate our existence (beauty, scholarship, relationships, etc.) and rely on the “Unseen” yet ever-satisfying and fulfilling Lover of our souls.

Galations 5:1 makes it pretty clear: Christ sets us free for…FREEDOM. Sounds rather redundant, doesn’t it?! Is he mistaken or is he trying to make a point?! We are not set free for service or good works, not for achievement or performance, not for righteousness or relationship. Simply put, we are set free to be free.

 Ask God a simple question. “What is holding me prisoner?” And when He answers, be ready to bend the bars and break the chains and allow faith to fly you to freedom!


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