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Dora Mae is known for our one-of-a-kind statement necklaces that celebrate the fashion-forward woman with vintage style.

We love layers of vintage bracelets stacked to create a BOHO GLAM arm party! From genuine leather layered with mid-century bling, to art deco sparkle paired with modern charms, enjoy creating a collection that is all your own.

We do BIG STATEMENT earrings. You can totally buy small, conservative earrings. You just can’t buy them here! We stay in our lane: large, lightweight, one-of-a-kind, handmade, BOHO GLAM earrings that will make your whole outfit. It's statement-making magic.

We love to transform your family’s heirloom jewelry and create fashion-forward pieces you want to wear everyday.

Designing pieces in the studio

Unique bridal jewelry for the bride and bridal party. We create completely unique and custom pieces and carry a Ready to Wear Bridal Jewelry line.


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Alive and Free
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Alive and Free $54.40 $68.00
Arcades of Palais Royal
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Arcades of Palais Royal $74.50 $149.00
At Soul's Center
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At Soul's Center $79.20 $99.00
Brightest Creation
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Brightest Creation $79.20 $149.00
Flair for the Theatrical
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Flair for the Theatrical $119.20 $149.00
Glad Hearted
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Glad Hearted $79.20 $99.00
How Happy
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How Happy $119.20 $149.00
Hung From the Stars
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Hung From the Stars $119.20 $149.00
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L'Orangerie $74.50 $149.00
Light Has Dawned
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Love’s Shelter
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Love’s Shelter $119.20 $149.00
Lure of the Lovely
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Lure of the Lovely $119.20 $289.00
New Adventures
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New Adventures $119.20 $149.00
Playful Details
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Playful Details $119.20 $149.00
Smile Made of Joy
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Smile Made of Joy $79.20 $99.00
Two Much is Just Right
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Two Much is Just Right $119.20 $149.00