Marry Mae Gallery

A Dora Mae wedding is a custom experience from start to finish, incorporating meaningful family heirlooms into the designs if the bride so desires.

Ansley meets with each client one-on-one to discuss their dream style and preferences for their big day. She carries the design process through to a final custom fitting in the wedding dress, if desired! 

Ansley also designs and creates custom pieces for each member of the wedding party based on their unique style and personality, ensuring one-of-a-kind gifts each bridesmaid will want to wear long after the big day is over.

Each piece is custom named with something meaningful about the brides relationship with each member of her wedding party. A Dora Mae wedding sees to it that every last sparkle is filled with both meaning and magic.

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Store Address: 1620 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32804
Store Hours: 10 am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday