Free Spirit

I would love to invite any willing seekers to join me on a mission to discover what it truly means to be a “free spirit.” Your input would be quite helpful! I’ve lost count of how many people have recently referred to me as a free spirit and this has brought two questions to mind:

1) What do you think people mean when they say “free spirit”? Is it positive or negative? Or both?
2) What do you think it actually means to have or be a free spirit? (I.e. Is a “free spirit” something we could confidently describe, understand and ultimately experience? Cause whatever it is, it sounds great.)

I know this search will be have as many angles and facets a diamond, but believe its value could exceed many fingers full of them!

Here Kelly is wearing layers of more delicate pieces in the Dora Mae collection thrown on with a grey t-shirt and ripped jeans. She just looks so…free.

If others believe I am a free spirit, I pray it’s because I’ve been on a deliberate, daring, and quite dangerous quest (sounds silly, but true) for freedom for five years now and have just begun to scratch the surface of the depths of both it’s meaning and manifestation in my own body, soul and mind.

Though I’ve begun discovering freedom of soul and spirit, I have yet to begin articulating it! I need your help! Feel free to send me your thoughts...can’t wait to hear them!

Freely yours,


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