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I wish someone had told me this a long time ago. 

You are most creative when you’re not actually creating. 

Wait what? LOL. Ok let me backup a bit.

In 2024, I made the executive decision that Dora Mae would  be closed on Mondays. My True Self had realized a while back that I needed to build more REST into the rhythm of Dora Mae Jewelry. (I consider True Self my soul who expands beyond “thinking” and living by facts and often fear…and embodies her “knowing” so she can live by faith and freedom.) 

I knew it wasn’tjust about avoiding burnout and exhaustion - although yes, that’s important too. I knew it was really aboutexpanding as a creative

Togrow exponentially in my creative gifts, I needed torest exponentially

The rhythm of rest is built into creation at every level of our universe! Dormant seasons aren’t useless or void of meaning. In fact, they are a vital step in preparation forthe bloom! 

So, working 6 days a week was not only going tolead to burnout, it was also depriving me (and the clients I serve) of the fullness of my creative expression. 

Enter Fear, Control, and Lack. Ohhello old friends! What message have you brought me today?

“You might miss out on customers if you aren’t open 6 days a week.”

“Retail can’t be profitable if you’re closed that much.”

“You wouldn’t want to disappoint or inconvenience anyone. It’s better to be available to meet everyone’s needs all the time. That’s how anyone is successful in business.”

“Well, just get ready to have 1/6th less income if you’re open 1/6th of the time.”

Ok boos, I hear you. Are you done?!

It can be as easy as inviting Love, Freedom, and Abundance to have their chance to speak too.

“It’s about yourextensive connection with your clients, not yourextensive availability.” 

“Hustle culture breeds FORCE. Creation culture breeds FLOW.”

“Yourinner divine wisdom is the guiding light for this business, not theouter human validation.”

“Rest is a vital PART of your creative process…not a BREAK from it. 

It’s an essential STEP…not a STOP.”

If you can close your eyes right now and visualize creativity, you might be able to discern that it’s actually rest that gives creativity its rhythm…its sense of “flow.” WIthout rest, it really is more “force.” When humans are inhealthy rhythm and we are tired…what do we do?? We REST. 

And if that voice creeps in that equatesrest withlaziness,simply tell your EGO that while you appreciate its efforts to avoid failure, you are no longer accepting fear as a motivator. Gently release the ego from its duties, reminding it that creativity doesn’t flourish in control but in freedom. And yes, that includes freedom to fail! 

It took me a while to heed my “knowing”and close on Mondays because I had to move beyond my ego’s fear and control. The ego is pretty brilliant at using logic and the “thinking mind” to overanalyze and paralyze. It can be quite a spiritual process to move beyond cognition into intuition! But with practice, that process picks up speed and “stuck” no longer needs to be a word that defines us!

There’s so much more I could show you about what happens to our creativity when wearen’t creating! But for now, let me end by saying REST is not only good for yourbody, it also signals to yoursoul that this is all a journey. 

And since there really is noarrival, rest isn’t stopping you from“getting there.” It’s just helping you enjoy the journey a whole lot more! Rest is written into all the best journeys!  

Rest says: 

“We are already HERE. Life isright now. Life isn’t one day down the road when I’m better. When I’m more creative. When I’m more successful. When I’m more self-actualized.” 

Rest says: 

“I am satisfied in my soul in theholy Now.I am sinking my toes into the fertile soil ofHere.” 

Rest is the most powerful way to embody your Already-ness and therefore one of the most powerful tools in your creative practice. Knowing this, we trust that the growth and expansion we have planned for Dora Mae will be deeply served by the extra day of rest. We will prioritize rest as a key tenet of our company culture and as an integral part of our whole team’s process!  

Rest is that gentle whisper that calls you from “there” back to “here” - back to your Already-ness, to your deep knowing of your perfection and completion in this NOW moment. 

Rest is the gentle yet powerful reminder that BEING is the energy that empowers your DOING. Most of us have that all turned around and backwards! But Rest knows what’s up.

New Dora Mae Studio Hours

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 10-5:30


Thursday: 10-5:30



Sunday: REST

Creatively Yours, 

Ansley Schrimsher

We love to take your family's past and create fashion forward pieces you’ll want to wear everyday. That’s what Dora Mae is all about! Just as I began to breathe new life into the heirlooms my grandmother, Dora Mae, passed down to me, we invite you into the rhythm of restoring life into your own family heirlooms.
Our favorite question: What do I wear this with? Our favorite answer: The options are limitless! Here Ansley chose what you might consider a unique statement necklace with lots of colors that would be difficult to “match” with an outfit. 

“Are you afraid you’ll run out of ideas?” I get that question quite a bit. Well the answer is yes. YES, because I’ve lived through a few dark nights that can best be described as a lifeless void of hopeless nothingness…aka “feeling dead inside.”

To the best of my knowledge, all creatives go through this. Zero desire. Zero inspiration. TONS of fear the magic won’t come back.

 Just cause you think you’re REAL CUTE and 10 “years” in biz matches up with 10 “lessons” doesn’t mean you should do the thang.

It’s called OVER COMMITMENT. And we all do it all the time cause we CRAY! It’s about IDEAS FLOWING all the freaking time without the time to actually live out all the ideas. Cause writing 10 REAL things is a LOT of things. 10 fake or basic things would have been easier. But who likes fake or basic?? (Ok sometimes I like basic.)

In small business, map-less living is a way of life. There are constantly decisions to make with more unknowns than knowns. Guiding principles? Yes. Wisdom from the older and wiser? Absolutely. But an X that marks The Spot? A childish fantasy.
Authenticity as a marketing ploy ceases to be authentic. Don’t cover up the dirt OR the sparkles. Warning, if you share the REAL story, haters gonna hate.   Dirt: Well that’s painful. Sparkle: But we move on. 

Creatives, do yourself a favor and have a creative outlet that you don't do for money OR approval. Something that is only yours and that feeds your soul. 

Mine is POETRY and sometimes adding notes to the words to make songs. I posted a Mother's Day poem the other day, and it's so freeing that it didn't have to be GOOD poetry. It could just be MY poetry - expressing my heart, mind, body and soul. 

Even when you “Do what you love,” you STILL HAVE TO WORK. That stuff about doing what you love and “never working another day in your life” is a crock of $#%*!  We are in a crazy insta-age where “living your dream” and the girl boss lifestyle is so crazy glamorized. 
Damn it y’all. I’m a grown ass woman. (Two cuss words already - can y’all tell this is a tough one for me?) I have tween-agers who I am teaching to accept themselves. And yet I - wife, mom, biz owner, and accidental face of my brand - have yet to fully accept myself! There are moments of course when I may come closer to healthy perspective...but sheesh I thought being a grown-ass boss lady would feel different! 
My 6th grade teacher gave me the nickname “Perpetual Motion.” I love motion. But I’ve been trying to drop “perpetual” for years now and learn the real meaning of the word “rest.” Creatives never stop working. Inspiration doesn’t have set hours and it’s difficult to set boundaries. 
There was a particular season when fear ran my life. I was having a particularly low sales quarter, I was exhausted because I wasn’t setting any boundaries with work, I was overcome with stress having to let an employee go, and I found out there were other jewelry designers in my city whose design aesthetic looked strikingly similar to mine.