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Creativity Workshop

Thanks so much for your interest in our Creativity Workshops
This Dora Mae experience is perfect for birthday parties, team building, family celebrations, GNO's and any other reason you can think of to gather and celebrate! We do offer kids birthday celebrations, but want to make sure to keep in mind our minimum jewelry price is $58 and our average price is $150.
We lead you through our joyful creative process and allow you "free reign" to explore our back studio and discover pieces that make you feel inspired! After a period of discovery and play, we help each participant create an inspiration board that will lead to the style/aesthetic of your finished jewelry! A word of comfort: We do not expect you to be jewelry designers but simply to participate in the creative process! Ansley will help channel your style into a piece(s) of jewelry that speaks to you! Don't worry, she won't let you leave with "ugly jewelry!" :)
Ideally, these workshops work best for 6-10 participants so that we can give individual design attention to each person! It depends on the group, but generally speaking if everyone knows each other in the group, we can accommodate 12-15. (Although that does get cozy!)
Our clients arrange for events with all different budgets. We don't have a "set price" because of the nature of the workshop and the ability to choose from jewelry components with a wide range of price points. That said, one helpful guide is to know that our least expensive piece of jewelry in the studio is $58 (usually part of our tween/teen collections) and the average price of our jewelry is $120-$180. Here are some unique arrangements groups have made in the past:
GNO's - Each person agrees to pay separately for the pieces they design and create. We are happy to help guide and work within budgets.
Birthday Parties - Each person pays for their own piece and then chips in to pay for a piece or pieces for the Birthday Girl!
Team Building/Rewards Events - The company or host sets a budget (average $150 but we've had more or less depending on the event) and gives each participant a Gift Card for that amount. Each person is required to pay for anything additional they create over that amount.
We can easily host daytime events on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays between 10-5pm. Those are the easiest to schedule and have the most availability. We schedule evening workshops on Wednesdays from 6-8pm. We have weekend availability, but those times fill up fast and are harder to schedule. Please reach out to us with your specific scheduling needs.
Please feel free to bring any food and beverages you would like. People in the past have brought charcuterie boards, birthday cakes, specialty cocktails and wine!
At their core, our Creativity workshops are designed to inspire participants to tap into their creative flow - even people who say “I’m not that creative!”
Come prepared to play with freedom and without fear, enjoying the process without worrying about the end result.
We will guide you through the whole experience, helping you connect to your own personal style and expression so you leave with something you truly love!
Message us here to set up your event.
Call or text the studio if you have further questions! 407-615-0186