We love to transform your family’s heirloom jewelry and create fashion-forward pieces you want to wear everyday.

Unique bridal jewelry for the bride and bridal party. We create completely unique and custom pieces and carry a Ready to Wear Bridal Jewelry line.


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Bring Brilliance

Loved the earrings!!

Couldn't Be Sweeter
Dilcia sabio
Gift to my sister

She loves her necklace! So happily surprised! It was a Birthday gift 😄

Come to the Garden
What a perfect gift!!

I got these beautiful earrings for my sister’s birthday. She loves emeralds. When she open the box and saw the silver bag she was SO HAPPY and she hadn’t even seen the earrings yet!!! We both love everything DoraMae!! When she saw these earrings she was star struck! She absolutely LOVED them!!! Needless to say, with the help of DoraMae, I am now her favorite sister!!!

Signaling Summer
Wendy Arthur

Signaling Summer

Gorgeous Galaxy

These are so adorable and unique! Great quality, we love them!

loved my time there!! my jewelry piece is awesome and bought some extra jewerly.

Gold Dust Woman
Sara Howard
Fun and casual

Love my new bracelet. I wear it with other casual ones and it stands out and looks great!

Celestial Realm
Amy Post
Love It

I’m so glad I spent the money on this lovely, elegant, unique piece. I get a lot of compliments on it. I already know of 3 other pieces I’d like to purchase but am waiting until I can go to the actual store.

I also want to mention the wonderful customer service I received. Ansley, the owner, is just as lovely as her jewelry. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

March Cocktails and Creativity Workshop!
Lauren Siren
Blown away

I attended a workshop with a friend for the first time and I was very impressed. I'm not that creative and had my doubts, but was blown away with the result. After picking a handful of items that I liked, she was able to put together three pieces that I love. I can't wait to do it again!

March Cocktails and Creativity Workshop!
Vanessa L
So much fun

I adore having the chance to go digging for unique elements and vintage finds that Ansley has sourced over the years. I have done this workshop a few times and am always thrilled with the way they combine the different things I have pulled in special combinations that show my personality and taste. They have a very creative and inspired way of putting things together to create whatever finished piece(s) you are looking for whether it's earrings, bracelet, necklace etc. I am so happy I don't have to spend my time on the actual assembly of the jewelry since I have no technical skill in jewelry making, but they certainly do!!

Perm jewelry

Sarah was so sweet and helpful. I’m already thinking of coming back for another piece. She also helped me redesign two pins from my grandmother into earrings. I LOVE them! I have been telling everyone about my amazing experience with Dora Mae.

Cheshire Cat Smile
Rocio Nanstiel
Gorgeous Earrings!

Love the color and light feel as I wear them. Received many compliments!

Tea Cups
Kay Simpkins

Tea Cups

Do it-it’s so cool!

Oh my goodness! Permanent jewelry is superbly fun-totally recommend it. So easy, quick zapping and wah-lah! Sarah is the best-I’ve been back twice now. Many beautiful styles of chains & charms to choose from. Go for it!!

Hope is Light
Brindle Palamar
Don’t want to take it off!

I’m in love with my new necklace! I truly love the pieces of history on this adorable necklace. It tied into my own feelings of nostalgia when I found this piece. Looking forward to finding other original treasures here.

Hold Your Peace
Niki Begley
Pink Flower Necklace

This necklace is so beautiful! My daughter and I were inspired to get it, because it is such a beautiful color. We have often seen Haven wearing it, and we both absolutely love it! Its pink, and it goes with everything!

Pure Sky
Natalie Beavers
High quality & trendy

Absolutely love my new hoop earrings! High quality, super charming & trendy! Love them! Now my new staple!

Brave the Unfamiliar
Jacqueline Harden
Love it!!!

Everything from Dora Mae I love!

Mary Beth K.
Aquamarine gems

Love my new aquamarine solitaires. Absolutely perfect.

Timeless piece!

I initially received a shorter version of the necklace, but the error was quickly remedied and I was sent the correct length that day. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect layering piece.

Permanent jewelry

My sister and I went to Dora Mae to get permanent jewelry, a bracelet for me and an anklet for her. First off, the shop is adorable! So welcoming and bright! The appointment was super easy, quick, and fun! I would definitely recommend a visit whether it's just to see the amazing jewelry pieces this local business sells or the fun permanent jewelry!

Let Your Magic Rise
Stephanie Glanzer
Love love!

I get so many compliments on these earrings and could wear them with anything!

Innate Peace
Beautiful locket

This locket is absolutely stunning! The detail and design are beautiful and very unique! A true keepsake when filled with a picture of someone very special!

Without Darkness
Susan Middleton
Touch of elegance

Tried some layering.
Such fun!
I love this little piece

Sunrise Sweeps
Cindy Moon
Sunrise love

My love for Dora Mae jewelry is not only because of her fabulous jewelry statement collection pieces. It is because of a deep connection and appreciation for her line flowing out of the love and admiration I share for Ansley’s entire family.
My continual long lived friendship with her sister as well as her beloved grandmother, Dora Mae (to whom I adored). Ansley’s heritage of tradition lives on in a beautiful fashion forward motion through her design style. I have absolutely favored every piece chosen over the years. The most recent piece, Sunrise Sweeps helps me in my healing journey after losing my precious daughter and mother. So the significance of Ansley’s ability to capture joy in her creations and genuine desire to enhance “happy” into other’s souls through her heirloom jewelry is outstanding and is quite meaningful to me on many levels. 100% grateful to have all my Dora Mae jewelry! The incredible art form representation of vintage masterpieces enriches my soul immensely!