She Makes a Statement

She’s never been afraid of walking into a room of strangers who stop and stare. She feeds off it. She has never dulled her voice, because she knows her wit and candor are among her greatest strengths. She’s the one who taught her other friends how to ask for a raise and how to say no. Everywhere she goes people take notice, and she makes no apologies. When others warn her of doing too much, she says it rarely is enough. It’s no surprise that on her big day, she makes big statements. She doesn’t choose between accessories, she asks, “can they be bigger?” She hears the whispers “I wish I could pull that off” as she saunters down the aisle decorated with a boho statement necklace, boho statement earrings and an exquisite cuff. When she catches the eye of her soon-to-be betrothed, she raises one eyebrow as if to say “I hope you are ready for this.” Shop the Collection

She's Edgy

She’s never one to question her gut. She’s known how this day would look since the moment the question was proposed. She’s always walked to the beat of her own commanding, sometimes chaotic drum, and her wedding day will be no different. Hair slicked back, and a subtle wet pink lip is ready for the most public kiss of her life. Her gown showcases her effortlessly chic attitude, with a plunging neckline that remains bare and confident. Her only embellishment is her boho statement earrings. Boldly brass with glistening rhinestones to draw attention to the killer jaw line he’ll be grabbing momentarily, for the last first kiss of her life. Shop the Collection

She's Boho

She spent most of her childhood barefoot, preferring to feel the grit of the earth below to the sole of any shoe. Her style as a woman has evolved; but now being completely comfortable in who she is, she leans toward second-hand flowy frocks and florals with delicate feminine accents. The dress isn’t about becoming someone else, it’s about complimenting who she actually is. She lets the accessories be the wow factor as she searches for boho glam jewelry that the little barefoot girl in her would have been mesmerized by. Her gown is sweetly feminine with endless flows of fabric that glide as she dances with her love under the moonlight. As she sways in his embrace she feels the long tassels of her boho bride earrings gently graze her neck. She’s covered in goosebumps; she’s never felt more naturally beautiful and truly herself. Shop the Collection

She's Romantic

She’s the girl with the notebook filled with curly letters of her potential new last name, after just the first few dates. She’s waited for this, so she loves hard, and fiercely protects it. She keeps their minds focused on this once-in- a-lifetime moment, not getting overwhelmed with details. Instead of scrolling through dreamy photos on Pinterest, she writes heartfelt poems to give him; one each week during their first month of matrimony. Their big day is an intimate affair with no distractions. Each small detail feels ethereal, including her choice in unique wedding jewelry. She carefully places each of her elaborate headpieces in her long waves as the final touch. Hand in hand they take to nature just before dusk. She lifts her lace gown as she’s guided carefully through earth’s most delicate beauty, just the two of them. Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours. Shop the Collection

She's Modern

She has an affinity for high fashion but a strong sense of what enhances her unique style. She sought out sleek lines and understated elegance that would compliment her stunning indulgence - a boho statement necklace or earrings. Her big bash is magazine worthy, but she never loses sight of the deeper meaning. Clutching tightly to a stalk of lush monstera and pink anthurium, she makes her way slowly down the aisle. She looks past the sea of cell phones and blinding flashes and meets the eyes of her beloved. They disappear. This is how it all begins, and she’s ready. Shop the Collection

She's Vintage

She’s a sucker for an old black and white movie, and you’ll never catch her without an embroidered handkerchief in her purse. Her dress is her “something new”, but everything else has a story from a previous life. As she gets ready, she’s surrounded by generations of the strong women in her life. She listens to them reminisce about their own love stories, as she slowly applies one last dab of blush to her already flushed cheeks. For the final touch, her mother clasps her necklace; pieces of family heirlooms, transformed into a sentimental piece of boho bridal jewelry. With the greatest examples of love stories draped upon her, she excitedly begins her own. Shop the Collection