Dora Mae wedding is a custom experience from start to finish. We create pieces for both the bride and the entire bridal party, designing jewelry according to each bridesmaid’s unique style, ensuring they will wear it long after the wedding day.

Her Girls

One is loud and was her bossy cheerleader all through school as she wrestled with every decision about her future. She is where she is today partly because of her. One is practical, always playing the devil’s advocate while remaining staunchly in her corner. Telling truths while being a steady pillar. One is family, and has helped her map out every wedding day dream, and now gets to see it come to fruition. One is a wanderer, who she doesn’t see as much as she’d like to; but she never misses a weekly face time call or long loving text updates. She admires all of them for their different personalities that bring so much excitement to her life, so it’s only right they each have their own unique boho jewelry pieces for the big day. Each of her girls hug her tightly and wipe away tears as they calm her nerves before her first look. They all know, none of them are going anywhere. shop the collection