Accessible Drama

Today is a happy day because I am featuring one of my favorite pieces! This awesome little orange number’s name is “Closer to Home” and is a mix of 1930’s orange and rhinestone beads with an antique brass medallion and 1940’s rhinestone button. Most people see a piece like this at a trunk show or boutique and think, “What would I do with a big bright orange necklace?”


Well, let me tell you how to think about this. For me personally, fashion boils down to two words: accessible drama. If it has no drama, it’s just clothes. But huge drama doesn’t really work in real life situations. So, what we really want is for that drama to be is accessible to us – the carpool-runners, the meeting-goers, the heart-breakers. Yes, you. And here’s where Dora Mae comes out to play!
What do you wear with a bright orange necklace? You’re going to hate me, but I have to say you can wear it with just about anything. I made it because I love orange and lavender together. I have this dark plum shirt and these great lavender shorts that everybody wears from JCrew. Perfect monochromatic look that just begged for a pop of very accessible drama. And voila…an outfit I can wear to a boutique appointment and to pick up my kids. Perfect.

Here I paired it with an all white ensemble (this outfit works with just about every necklace I’ve ever made). And once again…it’s dramatic and accessible at the same time. But if you threw it on with a turquoise maxi dress or jeans and a grey t-shirt, it would look amazing as well. Or army green. Or pale pink. You get the point. (Side note fashion tip: to make monochromatic work, play with different textures like lace/denim, silk/leather, etc.)

Creatively yours,


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