Fun, Free...Fashion

"Be Free. Have Fun"

That’s my simple fashion motto. (Not my life motto…my fashion motto. Let’s be clear. I don’t have a motto that encompasses all of life yet. I’ll keep you posted on that one.)

By far the #1 question I get asked by clients when they are choosing jewelry is…
“What do I wear this with?!”

Sometimes follow up questions are…
1.”Should I try and match it?”
2. “Should I wear it dressy or casual?”
3. “Can I wear earrings and necklace together?”
4. “Do I layer it?”

And the list goes on.

My answers usually go something like this…
1. “Match if you want…or don’t.”
2. “Yes.”
3. “Definitely overdo it sometimes. It’s a must.”
4. “There are no rules here. Unless it’s ugly. Then there are lots of rules.”

I love answering these questions. Maybe I should add “Don’t fret” before my “Be free” and “Have fun.” Fretting and fashion should be bitter enemies.

I am not a fashion blogger or a stylist, but I create pieces in my collections with versatility in mind! So, I am going to bring you “12 days of Dora Mae” to give you some fun ideas about how to wear this style of jewelry.

The possibilities are endless. My hope is that Dora Mae will inspire you never to FRET, to have even more FUN and be completely FREE…with fashion! Might as well practice somewhere!

Creatively yours,





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