We love to transform your family’s heirloom jewelry and create fashion-forward pieces you want to wear everyday.

Designing pieces in the studio

Unique bridal jewelry for the bride and bridal party. We create completely unique and custom pieces and carry a Ready to Wear Bridal Jewelry line.

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Our favorite question: What do I wear this with? Our favorite answer: The options are limitless! Here Ansley chose what you might consider a unique statement necklace with lots of colors that would be difficult to “match” with an outfit. 
Today is a happy day because I am featuring one of my favorite pieces! This awesome little orange number’s name is “Closer to Home” and is a mix of 1930’s orange and rhinestone beads with an antique brass medallion and 1940’s rhinestone button. Most people see a piece like this at a trunk show or boutique and think, “What would I do with a big bright orange necklace?”

That’s my simple fashion motto. (Not my life motto…my fashion motto. Let’s be clear. I don’t have a motto that encompasses all of life yet. I’ll keep you posted on that one.)

By far the #1 question I get asked by clients when they are choosing jewelry is…
“What do I wear this with?!”