Creating Fashion Forward from Your Family's Past

Creating Fashion Forward from Your Family's Past
A Custom Design Session with Ashley Brooke Designs

We love to hear your stories.

We love to take your family's past and create fashion forward pieces you’ll want to wear everyday. That’s what Dora Mae is all about! Just as I began to breathe new life into the heirlooms my grandmother, Dora Mae, passed down to me, we invite you into the rhythm of restoring life into your own family heirlooms.

Ashley Brooke brought her grandmother’s cuff and earrings that were beautiful! But the cuff was too heavy and the earrings were clip on. So we took it apart and created a necklace and more updated earrings that Ashley and her mom will want to wear on a daily basis.

We want to invite you into the simple and joyful process of giving new life and purpose to your heirlooms. Click here to watch how simple our custom design experience was with Ashley, and together we also can create something beautiful!

Head over to to read Ashley's blog on her grandmother's jewelry and the experience we shared transforming her heirlooms into new, fashion forward pieces Ashley is excited to wear!



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