The Dark Night of the Creative Soul (#10)

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years As a Creative Entrepreneur
N U M B E R  T E N: The Dark Night of the Creative Soul

When your business hinges upon a mysterious, intangible, inspired and uncontrollable force known as creativity, a dark night void of that radiant magical energy is bound to descend upon you.

“Are you afraid you’ll run out of ideas?” I get that question quite a bit. Well the answer is yes. YES, because I’ve lived through a few dark nights that can best be described as a lifeless void of hopeless nothingness…aka “feeling dead inside.”

To the best of my knowledge, all creatives go through this. Zero desire. Zero inspiration. TONS of fear the magic won’t come back.

IT COMES BACK. But when it does, it’s usually different. And it takes you in a new direction and helps you expand into new creative territory. It also makes you kinder, empathetic and full of more love and grace for all humanity.

Yep, it sucks. But the same is true in nature as in our creative souls: DEATH BRINGS NEW LIFE. One of my favorite parts of the creative journey has been coming alongside those walking through dark nights AND reaching out to others as I’ve walked through mine.

If you’re walking through your own season of darkness, don’t walk alone. We were created for connection. And it’s that very connection that will revive your creativity. When the darkness has passed, you will have so much more light to give. In the meantime, allow others to lend their light to you.

(This is me and my studio manager, Ashley. Grateful for a team who walks through our dark nights together.)


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