Break Up with Over Commitment (#9)

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years As a Creative Entrepreneur
N U M B E R  N I N E: Break Up with Over Commitment

10 things I’ve learned? Honestly? Don’t say that you’re gonna write 10 things before you’ve actually written 10 THINGS!  Just cause you think you’re REAL CUTE and 10 “years” in biz matches up with 10 “lessons” doesn’t mean you should do the thang.

It’s called OVER COMMITMENT. And we all do it all the time cause we CRAY! It’s about IDEAS FLOWING all the freaking time without the time to actually live out all the ideas. Cause writing 10 REAL things is a LOT of things. 10 fake or basic things would have been easier. But who likes fake or basic?? (Ok sometimes I like basic.)

I don’t regret this over commitment because we can always learn from mistakes. THIS one worked out for me because I process by writing and it forced me to flesh out 10 years. It’s helped me reflect, dig deep and carve a new path for the future of Dora Mae based on what I’ve learned in the past. Silver lining.

Ideas can be written down, sung to, danced with, or even kissed…but before you marry it, make sure it deserves your commitment. I’ve been dating Over Commitment but we are breaking up.

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