We love to transform your family’s heirloom jewelry and create fashion-forward pieces you want to wear everyday.

Unique bridal jewelry for the bride and bridal party. We create completely unique and custom pieces and carry a Ready to Wear Bridal Jewelry line.

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We love to take your family's past and create fashion forward pieces you’ll want to wear everyday. That’s what Dora Mae is all about! Just as I began to breathe new life into the heirlooms my grandmother, Dora Mae, passed down to me, we invite you into the rhythm of restoring life into your own family heirlooms.
Evelyn Ruth, beloved grandmother of our customer Amy Rich, was born in 1914 and lived through the worst of the great depression. Evelyn was always ready for a party, although money was scarce. She strategically wore a simple wardrobe of black yet added flair and personality through costume jewelry. 

This single yet multifaceted idea energizes me every single multifaceted day. It obviously applies to my jewelry design – taking old things with outdated purpose and inspiring them to become current creations with new and beautiful identity! (Around here, we call this transforMAEtion).