Elephants are Pink. Elephants are Blue. (#6)

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 years as a Creative Entrepreneur 
NUMBER SIX: Elephants are Pink. Elephants are Blue.

Elephants are pink

Elephants are blue

A brain like mine

Belongs in a zoo


Do yourself a favor and have a creative outlet that you don't do for money OR approval. Something that is only yours and that feeds your soul. 

Mine is POETRY and sometimes adding notes to the words to make songs. I posted a Mother's Day poem the other day, and it's so freeing that it didn't have to be GOOD poetry. It could just be MY poetry - expressing my heart, mind, body and soul. 

I wanted the poem to reflect both the mom who raised me and the mom I hope to be for my kiddos. It included both a past experience and a future prayer. Plus let's be honest. It's free therapy. 

To all my artist entrepreneurs: get some paid therapy. For sure. But get some free therapy too. Give that side of your brain time to play with no strings attached. It feels like recess in elementary school. And it's 100% necessary for when that bell rings and its time get back to work.

In case you missed it, below is my free therapy for the week:

She'll sing you a rainbow
When your vivid grows dim
Composing with colors
A happy-hued hymn
She'll draw you a dream
When the real presses down
Erasing your shame while
Constructing your crown
She'll dance until broken
Moves closer to whole
Praying in rhythms
Perceived by the soul
She’ll whisper and waves will
Come crash through your eyes
Until you can see
What was once in disguise
She’ll linger and light will
Ilumine your heart
Revealing your whole life
As masterful art
She’ll uncover glory
That you couldn’t find
Discovering gold from
She soul she has mined
She'll paint you her presence
Her nearness is power
Her motherhood magic
Shines brightly this hour
She’ll unlock your soul
And surrender the key
She'll lasso that star
But she’ll set your heart free

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