Transformation: The Heart of Dora Mae Jewelry

Befores turning to Afters…

Old being made New…

Broken becoming Whole…

Death giving birth to Life…

This single yet multifaceted idea energizes me every single multifaceted day.

It obviously applies to my jewelry design – taking old things with outdated purpose and inspiring them to become current creations with new and beautiful identity! (Around here, we call this transforMAEtion).


It applies to my curb appeal projects – taking old, disintegrated and dying landscapes and creating new living spaces that beckon living beings to come and sit, play or breathe in the scented Designer flowers!


It applies to a dark and dusty 1970’s kitchen transforming on a dime into a modern, light-filled space filled with symbolic art and not-quite gourmet cuisine! (Maybe food will be my next frontier for transformation!)



But as I’ve experienced it, the most beautiful transformations in the above applications coincide with the most profound transformations occurring in my soul. I create the most new and beautiful things on the outside when God is creating something new in my deepest parts. What’s truly visionary is first truly personal.

I believe we love befores and afters so much because they are knitted into the fabric of our innermost beings. Our hearts cry out for the after even before we are willing to let go of the before. We long for healing even before we’re willing to admit that we’re broken. We can envision Life long before we have decided to embrace the death that must precede it.

Caterpillars, please don’t try to become better, more beautiful caterpillars. Climb into the dark cocoon and die to all of your old-ness. Emerge into new life as entirely new and beautiful creations! And let all of that newness inspire you to spread and multiply that new Life and healing into the world around you through whatever creative means you’ve been given by our Creator.

May Dora Mae Jewelry, or any of my creative endeavors, continue to reflect the re-creation within my soul. And may it inspire you to press into the excruciatingly beautiful process of transformation…not just so that your life looks new and beautiful…but so that every expression of your life reflects Life Himself.


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