LIVING YOUR DREAM and other crazy Insta-age-isms (#5)

10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 years as a Creative Entrepreneur 
NUMBER FIVE:  LIVING YOUR DREAM and other crazy Insta-age-isms.

Even when you “Do what you love,” you STILL HAVE TO WORK. That stuff about doing what you love and “never working another day in your life” is a crock of $#%*!  We are in a crazy insta-age where “living your dream” and the girl boss lifestyle is so crazy glamorized. 


First let me acknowledge my part in this. I get comments several times a week about how glamorous my life looks. Usually I can share a story from the past 24 hours that dispels that myth. But social media is tricky.  I do get a LOT of joy from my work and I love sharing that. But it is STILL WORK and there is real struggle every day of the week.  I’m trying to share that too.  

When I open my eyes in the morning and all the “to-dos” rush into my mind, and all the stresses of owning a business press in, I can still hear Creativity calling “Wade through the work.” On the other side it’s like a sparkly Sleeping Beauty is waiting for a creative kiss that will open her eyes! It’s always worth the work wade…cause there’s nothing quite like watching my sleeping jewelry babies wake up and live!

Heartfelt thanks to you friends who have celebrated with me in my joy (and more glamorous moments!) AND encouraged me during more difficult and stressful times. Your sweet letters, hugs, caffeine, alcohol and sugar have been lifelines! :)

To the work and the play. To the dirt and the sparkle. 

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