Nobody Has A Map (#8)


10 Things I’ve Learned in 10 years as a Creative Entrepreneur 
N U M B E R  E I G HT: 

Nobody has a map.


Who has seen Dear Evan Hansen? I saw it this past weekend on Broadway and was ugly-snot-cry-moan-hiccup-sobbing.

A big sign greets you when you walk in the theater: “Does Anybody Have A Map?” Just reading that ONE sign touched a nerve and brought tears before I even reached my seat. “Gummy Bears. I’m gonna need Gummy Bears for this.”

In small business, map-less living is a way of life. There are constantly decisions to make with more unknowns than knowns. Guiding principles? Yes. Wisdom from the older and wiser? Absolutely. But an X that marks The Spot? A childish fantasy. 

I believe one of the biggest sacrifices you make as an entrepreneur is security. I am learning to be certain of my callings and passions while learning to embrace the uncertainty of being a human trying to make a living.  Insecurity is essential for that deep inner humility that allows us to learn and grow. I’ve realized we need to spend less effort finding “the map” and more energy finding ourselves along the way. It’s in the depths of stretching and map-less wanderings that I am discovering who I am created to be.

Evan Hansen never found a map. But in my imagination he found the elusive “X” marking “the spot” drawn over his own heart and soul.  Merely looking for “directions” would have been understandable yet short-sighted. Instead, he found unconditional love, worth, self-acceptance, and forgiveness.

Who knew that Dora Mae Jewelry – a tiny little design studio named in honor of my sweet grandmother - would provide so much more than a map but rather uncharted terrain to explore life’s deeper meanings and mysteries. 

Does anybody have a map? No. But we have each other AND gummy bears while on the way to being found. 



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